As a renter, it is important that you maintain the apartment you live in for many reasons. For one, it will give you a great feeling to walk into a clean apartment. It will also allow you a better chance of getting your security deposit back when you decide to move elsewhere. One of the main things your landlord will be looking at is your carpet. A carpet, if maintained, can last for many years. The following are some carpet cleaning tips to help keep your carpet looking new in your apartment.

carpet cleaning

Daily Vacuuming

One of the main reasons that carpets look dull and worn is that they are not vacuumed on a regular basis. The more that dirt and debris stay on the carpet, the deeper it goes inside the carpet fibers. By vacuuming every day, you will stay ahead of the dirt and debris and prevent them from getting deep into the fibers.

Cleaning Up Spills

When you spill something on the carpet, do not rub the spill or it will simply spread it further. Instead, place a soft, absorbent cloth over the spill and place pressure on it. In most cases, stepping on the cloth will soak up the most amount of liquid. Keep doing this with a new cloth until the cloth comes up dry.

Cleaning Stains

Stains can quickly make a new carpet look awful. Before you clean, be sure to check what the recommended cleaning agent is before using one. If you cannot find it and your landlord does not have that information, club soda will usually do the trick. However, you do not want to pour this on the stain as it will push it further down. Instead, blot the stain by putting the club soda onto a cloth. This is usually very effective and will not damage the carpet.

Keeping your carpet looking new is important when you are renting. Along with the above tips, you will want to have it deep cleaned on a regular basis. However, as stated before, never use any type of cleaner on the carpet until you know which one is right for the carpet or you have tested in an inconspicuous place on the carpet. The last thing you want to do is cause more damage.

Now with these carpet cleaning tips, you will maintain your carpets looking good as new for many years.